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Hi, welcome to the Jurassic Park Slots home page. This is where we tell you all about what we have to offer you. You see, this would be one hard task but there are fewer things more captivating than the Jurassic World. Therefore there is no fear of flopping. The mighty dinosaurs are able to totally wow your mind. This allows us to be the casino game experts that we are. This whole writing thing is not really our thing?

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Why Jurassic Park

Why Jurassic Park, well honestly we just loved the movie. And when we played the Microgaming slot the thrills in the flick were brought to life in front of us. Just like in the movie where the dinosaurs came to life, that is why we chose the name, Jurassic Park. In addition, the thrill that comes with playing for real money is like no other thrill in the world. In order to change your life story try free spins bonus round.

When the reels spin and you see one wild symbol and wait for the reels of the reels to fill up. There is nothing that comes close to that. That is the same thrill that you have when you watch the movie, Jurassic Park. That thrill of wanting to know but being afraid to know.

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